Kelly and David speak frequently on the future of education and the future of work around the world. Both are available for facilitated sessions, keynotes, or private workshops on the following topics:

  • The future of work
  • The future of credentials
  • How to create a culture of learning 
  • Aligning purpose, mission, and business value
  • Employee-centric model of learning
  • Learning as a win-win corporate benefit
  • Workshops on benchmarking skills using Skills Quotient 
  • The lifelong university
  • Role of government in the future of learning and work


April 3-4: David Blake

IFC's Global Education Conference (South Africa) "The Future of Credentials"

April 16-18: David Blake

ASU + GSV Education Summit, "The New World of Learning @ Work"

April 26-27: Kelly Palmer (attendee)

Consortium for Advanced Adult Learning and Development (CAALD)

May 6-9: Kelly Palmer

ATD International Conference and Expo

May 11: Kelly Palmer & David Blake

SHRM HR Innovation Experience

June 13-14: David Blake

Founder's Forum, "The Future of EdTech"

July 11-12: Kelly Palmer

Deloitte Smart Learning (Hong Kong)

Aug 1-3: Kelly Palmer

TechHR 2018 India

Sept 11-12: Kelly Palmer - Plenary Session

iVentiv Talent Futures

Sept 25-26: Kelly Palmer

iVentiv Leading in Learning Europe

Sept 28-29: David Blake

China eLearning, "The Future of the Workforce"

Oct 3-4: Kelly Palmer & David Blake

Degreed LENS

Oct 10: David Blake

Skills Future (Phillippines), "The Expertise Economy"

Nov 4-7: Kelly Palmer

Masie Learning

Nov 5-7: David Blake

HCM Expo (Brazil), "The Future of Skills"

Nov 14-15: David Blake

Misk Global Forum (Saudi Arabia), "Skills for Our Tomorrow"


Learning has always been one of the secret weapons of the world’s highest performing companies. Kelly and David’s book unlocks this secret and is filled with advice on how to make learning a competitive advantage for any company.
— Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte